Wild about Hammersmith and Brook Green, A Tale of Two West London Villages

By Andrew Wilson and Caroline MacMillan

A photographic trip through the borough. For hundreds of years the Thames has been the heart of travel through London, with towns and villages springing up all along its banks, each with their own distinguishing features.

Hammersmith is especially lucky, with a particularly fine 19th century Bridge across to Barnes. Once a small village situated upstream from London, it has grown into an integral part of the city, and the perfect balance between the modern town centre, the picturesque streets near Brook Green, and the riverside views make it no wonder that this area is such a wonderful place to live and work. Join local photographer Andrew Wilson as he explores the town, showing it off at its very best and clearly illustrating why Hammersmith is considered one of the most desirable places to live. Introduction and historical captions from Caroline.

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Wild about Hammersmith & Brook Green

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