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THE UPPER ROOM is a local charity with a mission to effect positive change, advance education and support the lives of the homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged people through three integrated programmes.

UR4MEALS - a place of warmth, hospitality and respect, open five days a week (Mon-Fri) for up to 120 hungry people. With a four-star Environmental Health and Safety rating, it serves as a gateway into other services and also provides clothing, toiletries, blankets, food parcels and sleeping bags to those on the street.

UR4JOBS - an award-winning project addressing the needs of disadvantaged people, including disadvantaged communities, excluded migrant workers and ex-offenders. It offers multilingual training and signposting services encouraging people to become self-supporting and take responsibility to resolve their employment and day-to-day living issues.

UR4DRIVING – a driving school of a proven popularity and creative approach helping ex-offenders gain skills and meaningful employment, and away from a life of crime. In the programme ex-offenders volunteer to redistribute food to homeless people, providing them invaluable work experience.

For More information, please contact Amanuel Woldesus

Operations Director

The Upper Room

St Saviour’s Church, Cobbold Rd

W12 9LN; Tel: 020 8740 5688;

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Get Involved

The Upper Room is supported by many volunteers who come from all walks of life and provide help in a great variety of roles.

We have a number of local volunteers who help out at UR4Meals. Some are involved in the food preparation, others serve it out and the project depends on the ex-offenders at UR4Driving who collect surplus food from Whole Foods and schools/churches to ensure that the Food Bank is properly stocked.

UR4Jobs is a specialist and multilingual project which relies on the help of volunteers to act as translators and interpreters in up to seven different languages. Other volunteers help in a variety of ways e.g. administration as well as IT training, ESOL classes or just talking to clients.

Every ex-offender on UR4Driving has to complete 80 hours worth of voluntary work in order to qualify for their driving lessons. They supply the Upper Room and four other homeless Day Centres with surplus food, as well as providing services according to their skills in, for example, carpentry, IT, design and food preparation.

The Upper Room depends on grants from grant-giving trusts and charitable foundations for 90% of its funding. The remaining 10% comes from churches, schools and individuals in the local community.

We have recently set up a Friends group who are invited to special events and whom we involve in our fundraising efforts and social occasions.

Registered Address:
St Saviour Wendell Park Church
Cobbold Road
London W12 9LN
020 8740 5688

020 8740 5688

UR4Meals Project Manager:
07772 565815

UR4Jobs Project Manager:

UR4Driving Project Manager:
Office: 020 8993 7377
Mobile: 07967 328564

Driving School:
Unit 15, Business Vision Industrial Park
Kendal Avenue
London W3 0AF




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