The Greenside Arts Lectures - Erno Goldfinger Tuesday 8th October 2013

James Dunnet on Erno Goldfinger, Designing for Adults & Chidren

Event: An illustrated talk and Q&A on Erno Golfinger: Designing for Adults and Children by James Dunnett,  architect and writer, whose first job was with Erno Goldfinger from 1973 - 1975, he has worked on Goldfinger buildings for London boroughs and for Goldfinger himself on his own house at Willow Road

Date: Tuesday 8th October 2013
Start time: 19:00
End time: 21:00

Time: Doors open 7.00pm for 7.30pm

Venue: Greenside Primary School, Westville Road, London W12 9PT

Bar: Refreshments, donations for mural fund

About the talk:

Those who know Erno Goldfinger primarily as the architect of high-rise structures such as Trellick Tower may be surprised that he was especially concerned with designing to the human scale and, in the case of children, to their scale. He entitled the drawings for his pavilion at the famous This is Tomorrow Exhibition of 1956 'To this Measure of Man'. His creative relationship with the avant-garde toy manufacturers Paul and Marjorie Abbatt seems to have been a significant factor in encouraging him to move to London from Paris in 1934, soon after the birth of his first child, of whom they were god-parents.This led to him being regarded for a time as a specialist in design for children. James Dunnett will place this aspect especially of the lesser-known central period of Goldfinger's career, including the design of Greenside School, within the wider context of his work and career as a whole.

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