The Queen Adelaide

What does your business do?
We are a classic local pub, great beer & spirits range with a really interesting menu using only fresh ingredients. Our favourite is probably our homemade pies

What motivated you to do what you do?
I’ve been in the trade for 20 years, I have a degree in hospitality and it has always been something I wanted to do. I have a desire to make people happy, there is no greater reward in my view

What is your Unique Selling Point?
Our wooden panelled dining room fully equipped with chandelier & giant portrait of Queen Adelaide plus our open fire creating a really cosy atmosphere

Who is your ideal customer/client?
The wonderful local residents of W12 plus I personally would love Gordon Ramsay to come and try our delights, I have always admired him as a chef and person – not a Kitchen Nightmare in sight, I can assure you

What gives your business the edge over your competitors?
Consistently good service! I work hard with my team in the importance of good service, of course food & drink needs to be spot on but you’ll be surprised how much a smile, hello & goodbye can actually go

Do you have a particular service or product you’d like to flag up here?
We have a great pub quiz every Monday night and on Wednesday (Pie Wednesday) we offer a free drink when you buy one of our homemade pies, plus on Sundays it really is the place to be for one of the best roasts around

How do people get in touch with you?
By Phone – 0208 7462573
Email –
Twitter – @adelaidew12
FB – @adelaidew12
Insta – @adelaidew12

Or simply, pop in and ask for Rob

What is your biggest challenge in the current climate?
Getting the chance to show people how good we are

Where do you think your business will be in 5 years’ time?
Best pub in Shepherds Bush

Has being a member of ABN helped your business?
I hope it will. It was really good to come to the last lunch and meet a few people and get my face out there

What do you like about the Askew Road?
Lovely community, something for everyone

What do you think Askew Road will be like in 5 years’ time?
Even smarter

How easy is it to shop locally in Askew Road?
I haven’t tried yet as I’m new to the area

What are your favourite shops and businesses in Askew Road?
Ginger Pig, it is fantastic


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