October 26 Bakery

What does your business do?

October 26 is an artisan bakery producing hand made sourdough bread, eclairs and other small treats.

What motivated you to do what you do?

2L9A0796photoshopat It all started with my love for sourdough bread and baking and then wanting to share it with everyone. This and the fact that a 9-5 office job wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

What is your Unique Selling Point?

 We bake all our bread on the premises using organic flour and very little machinery. My shop smells like a bakery should.

Who is your ideal customer/client?

 Anyone who loves bread and has a good story.

What gives your business the edge over your competitors?

2L9A0557 My bread is honest.  It’s got colour, it tastes like bread should and if you’re lucky you can get one immediately after I’ve taken it out of the oven.

Do you have a particular service or product you’d like to flag up here?

 Good ingredients play a massive role in making our products.

I use organic Shipton Mill flour for all our breads, free range eggs for all sweet treats and the wonderful Valrhona chocolate for the eclairs and chocolate chip cookies.

How do people get in touch with you?

The best way would be to just pop in and buy some bread. But if you’d rather stalk us a bit before you commit you should check us out on: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.2L9A0601

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/October26Bakery

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ralukmica

Twitter: http://twitter.com/oct26bakery

What is your biggest challenge in the current climate?

 Our biggest challenge is to change how people think about bread and to turn bread buying for a weekly treat to an every day one.

Where do you think your business will be in 5 year’s time?

Hopefully we will still be on the vibrant Askew Rd but we will have grown into a bakery/coffee shop/deli.

Has being a member of ABN helped your business?

2L9A0697Askew Road is a very tight community and word of mouth has been an integral part of our success. I’ve met so many lovely people so far and I’m sure I have yet to met them all.

What do you like about the Askew Road?

 I like the fact that it is alive. Its constantly transforming, there’s always new people moving in, new shops being open and I’m very excited to see what it will look like in a few years time.

What do you think Askew Road will be like in 5 years time?

I think (and hope), judging by current retail trends, that it will become the foodies hub it deserves to be. And it’s clearly on the right track.2L9A0772

How easy is it to shop locally in Askew Road?

 I would say it’s very easy. You’ve got good bread, cheese, meat and veg.

What are your favourite shops and businesses in Askew Road?

 Ginger Pig has everything you can dream of in terms of meat and vegetables, the Thai restaurant is brilliant, Askew Wines is notoriously good.

 What shops and businesses do you think Askew Road lacks? 

2L9A0601As lots of people have pointed out, a fishmonger. We are in desperate need for one.

Our address is:

153 Askew Road, W12 9AU, London, UK

Contact us by email:

Raluca @ october26.co.uk


Photo credits: Diana Anghel

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