London Rainbow

Do you have an old tablet or phone lying around unused? If so, you can help patients in hospital communicate with their loved ones.

Due to COVID, hospitals have had to prohibit in-person visits for almost all wards. Many patients arrive at hospital without a phone or tablet to stay in touch with their families. In some cases, doctors and nurses have resorted to lending patients their own phones to call home during their last moments. This is a heart-breaking reality of the COVID situation.

London Rainbow are a small group of volunteers working with doctors and nurses to collect, repurpose, and deliver devices for London area hospitals. So far, we have supplied devices to Lewisham, King’s College and Queen Elizabeth Woolwich hospitals, and now we are working with Hammersmith Hospital. We are receiving requests for more each week.

We urgently need your help to meet this demand.

Can you spare an old tablet or phone? You can arrange drop-off or collection using the link here
To learn more about the progress of London Rainbow or make a financial contribution to cover running expenses, visit

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