Greenside Arts Lectures
Our next event, Thursday 22nd November, from 7.00pm:

Hammersmith Utopia

As part of our series of illustrated talks highlighting the artistic heritage of Hammersmith, Professor Ruth Levitas joins us to tell us about the Hampshire House Workshops which were on Hampshire Hog Lane in Hammersmith (between the River and King Street) and the artists associated with the project including Eric Gill, Edward Johnston, Frank Brangwyn and May Morris.

The Greenside Arts Lectures are part of our fundraising to restore the 1952 Gordon Cullen mural at Greenside Primary School. The lecture takes place at Greenside Primary School, Westville Road, W12 9PT, in the hall of our Grade II* listed Goldfinger building.

Before the talk we will show the short film, featuring Alan Powers, Chair of the 20th Century Society, talking about the very fine Cullen mural and the Goldfinger school. Ruth's talk will show how the dreams of Hampshire House, rooted in the philosophy of William Morris, still live in Goldfinger's vision of primary education. There will also be the opprotunity to view the mural itself.

Doors open at 7.00pm for pre-talk drinks.

£6 on the door, no need to book. (Cash or cheques only)

Any questions please email Kate Fishenden

One response to “Greenside Arts Lectures, Thursday 22nd November, from 7.00pm”

  1. Adam Gotch says:

    Dear Kate Fishenden

    I attended the lecture by Ruth Levitas which was charming. She mentioned that you (or the woman chairing the meeting?) was collecting film of London which is interesting. Sadly the Lilla Husett centre does not keep any local film, and so I still have 2 16mm Bolex images which might fit the bill?
    1. 1981 -Hammersmith Broadway filmed from car window going round filming the old shops that were all pulled down
    2. 1964 – Imperial Road, Gas works, my mother wearing dark glasses and a donkey jacket with local kids in street
    If you are interested I have them on DVCAM
    I am preparing t make a short film on Mark Mansions, opposite Greenside School, which involves interview with Carol, a local resident aged 70 reflecting WW2 etc. The film at the lecture showed a photograph of Mark Mansions behind the 1952 school, could you give me the film makers email.
    The Mural at Greenside School is a great find, when it is renovated, I would think new lighting would bring out the style as you walk in ?
    Adam Gotch
    72 Westville Road W12 9BD

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