Free business growth seminar for ABN members

ActionCOACH is a locally based business coaching company and to support the local business community would love to invite you to 2 half-day morning seminars.

Learn how to make your business work hard so you don’t have to …   at the actionCOACH ‘6 steps to a better business’ workshop.

How do you feel after you read this quote  “Remember, most of what goes on in your life is your responsibility. You are exactly where you planned to be. Don’t think so? Where is that plan you had to get further than you are? Don’t have one? Then you are exactly where you planned to be”.
As we often say “Isn’t that interesting”.
Make 2013 your year to get your plan in place. Join us on this journey at one of our Business Growth Seminars and fast track your business to where you want it to be.

Places are limited so if you are interested in attending or know someone who would find this useful, just send  a quick email to who will save you a place.
Alternatively  ring her  if you would like more information. Brigitte Rive M: 07735015277

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