1. Register as new user via the registration option on right hand sidebar

The system will send you a password

  1. Login via sidebar on business directory page

You will receive an email when your entry has been accepted.

  1. You will then be able to edit your directory entry.
  2. Login via the sidebar on the business directory page.
  3. You can then edit your listing by clicking on your entry
  4. If you submit a listing before you register there is no issue. Just go to business directory page and click on Reset.
  5. This will ask for the email address you used in your submission.
  6. You will receive a password via the system (this will be a ‘strong’ password but can be changed later).
  7. Go to the business directory page and enter the password to login.
  8. Go to step 5.



Although there is no charge at the moment for listing your business, we always welcome donations which enable us to work on improving our services and provide events for the community.

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