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Inspired by the recent BBC 2 show ‘A House Through Time’, local residents in W12, W6, and W3 are running their own ‘house history’ projects, helping discover the amazing stories of the people who owned and lived in their homes over the years.

Local tech company Chimni – an Askew Business member – is helping participants to scan and ‘digitise’ this wonderful treasure trove of documents and photos to create unique online records. As part of these project, people are encouraged to dig out old photos, documents and deeds and share any interesting finds among the groups. Chimni is showing people how to share old photographs by email and social media and to build them into online records using Chimni’s online log-book system.

These Chimni logs are helping people create unique, illustrated timelines of their homes as part of the local ‘house history’ projects. They display photos, maps and census records to create individual stories of your home.

Even if you just wish to tidy up the filing of key documents about your home, then a Chimni log could be a solution. Many of the things being scanned are fun, historical, records from the local area. But as part of the process, homeowners are also realising they have a filing cabinets full of legal, planning, regulatory documentation gathered over the years of owning a home. These can also be added to a Chimni log. It is a tidy way to create an online log-book for your house and to hold all key documentation in a single usable form.

The need for a Chimni log increases if you are considering selling your home in the near future. As part of a sale, you now have to find and organise all the documents, certificates, plans etc that you have gathered over the years to create a digital sales pack. Local Askew Road agents like Finlay Brewer are working with Chimni to investigate how Chimni logs can help the sales process, by acting as a ‘sales pack’ and local architects like CPA architects – another Askew Business member – are looking at using the logs as a project management tool to help residential clients managed building works.

Chimni founder Nigel Walley says “Chimni is like a little slice of silicon valley right here in W12. We are looking to help homeowners manage their home in this increasingly digital world”. If you would like to experiment with a Chimni log for your home email Nigel on

Nigel Walley
MD – Chimni Ltd
Chimni on Twitter       @chimni

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