Cake me Baby

Logo TRANSPARENTWhat does your business do?

Cake me Baby is all about amazingly bespoke cakes and edible creations, with a specialty in dietary-restrictive baking.  From our café on Askew Rd, we sell and ever changing selection of fresh baked goods, designer iced biscuits, pre-made cakes to take away, Climpson&Sons Coffee, PekoeTea and professional decorating supplies.

 What motivated you to do what you do?

A severe gap in the market for an alternative to existing cake shops… Where else can you go for a gluten-free black wedding cake/ cup of single-origin Aero-pressed coffee/ packet of biscuits definitely NOT for kids/ selection of professional decorating supplies/ cheap and cheerful decorating Masterclass, in an environment with real birch trees and not a shred of pink gingham anywhere??? Well, yeah, gap in the market…

 What is your Unique Selling Point?

IMG_8253Cake me Baby combines the best of French Patisserie and North American Cake Craft, making it the ‘Fur Coat AND Knickers’ of the cake-world. Plus, we have no shame, so we happily make erotic cakes as well…  In the kitchen, we wear black boiler suits not chef’s whites, and in the café, we’re playing old school hiphop or house music most afternoons… French is the language of choice, most commonly heard being shouted between kitchen and café, without forgetting our mascot, Noodles the Chihuahua.

 Who is your ideal customer/client?

Anyone with a sense of humour and a love for patisserie. An unlimited budget always helps…

 FullSizeRenderWhat gives your business the edge over your competitors?

We don’t do Disney, as none of us is named Walt!!! We do however offer 100% bespoke cakes and never make the same custom-cake twice. Our products are all seasonal, handmade in our kitchen, using the best quality ingredients (organic/ free range/ fair trade/ direct trade whenever possible).  Our menu changes daily, and we only display one of everything we have in the name of very little wastage. We endeavour to do our bit for the planet by not printing flyers and pricelists, having recycled, biodegradable packing, biodegradable plastics and eco-friendly business cards.

Do you have a particular service or product you’d like to flag up here?

We have started Cake Decorating Masterclasses with a roster of professionals from across the country. Taking place Sunday afternoons, classes are 4hrs long, starting from a beginner level in everything from Royal Icing Piping Techniques to 3D Cake Carving.

We have also created an iced biscuit in hounour of our dearly departed architect, Eddie Bennett (1974-2015), who was killed in motor vehicle accident at the beginning of this year.  All proceeds from the sales of the Bennett biscuit will be donated to a road safety awareness charity in Eddie’s name.

IMG_5899 How do people get in touch with you? (Include as many ways as you like)

All cake orders need to be placed via email or in person… For anything else, whatever’s clever…

Cake me Baby

163 Askew Rd, W12 9AU

0208 811 1944

IMAG0355 What is your biggest challenge in the current climate?

Repeat Daily Custom; apparently, you’re not supposed to eat cake every day… So we also make muffins!!!

 Where do you think your business will be in 5 year’s time?

Expanding!!! A secondary location on the other side of London for our clientele who can’t make it Westside…

 Has being a member of ABN helped your business?

It’s offered additional support and awareness throughout the community from the moment we opened our doors.

 What do you like about the Askew Road?

The local, community feel and the diversity of people on the road.

 What do you think Askew Road will be like in 5 years time?

Unrecognisable… It’s already changed so much over the past couple years…

In 5 years Askew Rd will be where the party’s at!!!

 How easy is it to shop locally in Askew Road?


 IMG_7622What are your favourite shops and businesses in Askew Road?

Dels, the Octavia Foundation Charity Shop and our neighbours, Paya.

 What shops and businesses do you think Askew Road lacks?

A champagne bar… And more local, independent businesses like our own…

Photo credits: The Alexander McQueen Dress Cake & Day of the Dead cake (chihuahua skull) are from We Heart Pictures

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