BrackenburysW12, 135 Askew Rd, W12 9AU

imageWhat does your business do?

Provide a retreat for anyone looking for great coffee, homemade scones & cakes, Artisan Breads & Pastries and inspired lunches/Salads. We believe and boast of having the best coffee in west London and are proud to serve some of London’s most interesting and lovely people.

What motivated you to do what you do?

A genuine love of engaging with real people and sharing those moments that makes one realise what being human is all about. That, combined with a love of coffee, cake, and real food gives us a natural high on a daily basis.

What is your Unique Selling Point?

Our artisan breads, hand roast coffee and truly unique range of salads, quiches, scones and treats topped off by a team who feel at one with the customer.

Who is your ideal customer/client?

We love everybody, especially those with an appreciation and a palate for quality real foods and proper coffee.

image-5What gives your business the edge over your competitors?

Our team, our location, our quality products, our support of local activities and suppliers and our customers. Yes all of you.

Do you have a particular service or product you’d like to flag up here?

Our new range of homemade scones baked daily, our Art Exhibitions and our home catering cheese boards, meat platters and dinner packs as well as  catering (private and business). Ask any of our staff for more information or drop us an email.

How do people get in touch with you?

Phone us, email us, Facebook or tweet us. Better still just walk in and talk to any of the team.

What is your biggest challenge in the current climate?

Fighting cost increases from all suppliers without passing them on to our customers as well as keeping customers updated and informed, in a world suffering from information fatigue and over kill.

Where do you think your business will be in 5 year’s time?image-4

We will have our own range of homemade Brackenbury branded take home items with a full online order service for home delivery, Parties, Dinner Club Cheese boards, Hampers and Gifts

Has being a member of ABN helped your business?

Yes. It has made us feel part of a local community of like minded people and very welcome from the first time we arrived on Askew Rd.

What do you like about the Askew Road?

The people.(sounds cheesy, I know) It would surprise ‘an outsider’ to know that Askew Road has a Village feeling to it where people are quick to get to know each other and once they do they will always have time for their neighbours. All it takes is a smile to get a conversation going here.

image-6What do you think Askew Road will be like in 5 years time?

Even more affluent, with a more eclectic variety of businesses on the street. Traffic systems will be in place to make the street less of a direct route into London and more of a safe family community based area, with regular street fairs and gatherings. Flowers will be in abundance on the street giving it a softer warmer vibe.

How easy is it to shop locally in Askew Road?

Stopping to ‘grab and go’ is not a very easy option. There are too few parking spaces and no 10-20min freeparking spots available to encourage people to stop and shop on the street.

What are your favourite shops and businesses in Askew Road?

Our own of course, (he he he) but we love and buy from most of our neighbours on a regular basis.

What shops and businesses do you think Askew Road lacks? 

Curiosity/unusual gift shops – quality not charity, fish shop, kids clothes, homeware,  local bank.
135 Askew Road, W12

Tel: 020 8740 5536


Twitter: @brackenburys


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