The Noticeboard in Brackenburys W12 is up. Cost is £2 a week to advertise with 100% of proceeds to local charity. Would welcome any suggestions for local charities.

Brackenburys W6 noticeboard is v popular, currently supporting Grove Neighbourhood Centre until end of June 2012. In January, we presented West London Action for Children with a cheque for £125 thanks to local advertisers who used our W6 noticeboard.

Email Sharon and Tom at with suggestions.

One response to “Brackenburys W12 seeking suggestions for local charity”

  1. Anastasia Connor says:

    We are a group of volunteers organising a music festival in W12. The festival will form part of nationwide Oxjam festival. This will be our second Oxjam Takeover event in Shepherd’s Bush and we are looking for local business sponsors as well as volunteers to join our team.
    If you have any questions, we would be delighted to tell you about our activities. Please email
    For more information about Oxjam please visit www.

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