Beekeeping in Uganda: ABN May event

Thursday May 15th, 6.00pm – 8.30 pm, The Greyhound, 49 Becklow Road, W12 9ER  

Edwin Harrison holds a BA Honors degree in Management and a Master of Commerce from the University of Western Australia and is incredibly passionate about social entrepreneurism. He is Director and Co-CEO of Naked Coffee Limited, which is a group of coffee shops trading as Artisan. Prior to living in the UK and establishing his own business, Edwin’s most influential role was out in Uganda, where he developed many self-sustainable projects for the villagers within the Rwenzori Mountains.

The main project was launching a beekeeping initiative in Kasese, Uganda, which involved developing local beekeeping techniques and providing a source of income to support the families up in the mountains. This project has grown from three beekeepers to the current number of 700 and the fundamentals behind it are considered one of the best sustainable development models within the charity sector. Within his presentation at the Askew Business Network, Edwin will speak about his experiences in Uganda and the highs and low of launching this project.




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