Askew Road Zero Waste Campaign success latest

Wonderful news from the Askew Road. The lovely Anna at the AGP cleaning shop, 124 Askew Road, is now stocking refills of Ecover washing up liquid, all purpose cleaner, laundry liquid and fabric softener. Please do turn your single use Ecover bottles into multi-use bottles by refilling there. AGP have made the decision to stock refills in response to our campaign, so please do support them and spread the word among your neighbours. Thank you to everyone who went in and asked about refills to encourage them. This shows that we can change the way we shop in the Askew Road.

If you want get straight back onto reducing your individual waste, here’s the perfect opportunity: Zero Waste Week starts on Monday 2 September. There’s an easy audit sheet you can download here:

It’d be really useful to hear what all of you subscribed to our Facebook page think we should campaign on over the autumn.The focus so far has been talking to the shopkeepers up and down Askew Road about reducing the amount of plastic they routinely hand out. Their response has been very positive and keeping these conversations going is important. The changes they’re making may seem small like letting you bring your own containers for takeaways, and removing plastic bags from the tills. But it does all add up.

In June we signed up Detour, Laveli’s, and several other cafes in Askew Road to take part for the Refill (water on tap) scheme, and Danni & Carrie the hairdressers is also on board.

Natalie Taylor, Refill’s London organiser, is planning a stall at North End Rd Market in Fulham on Saturday 21st September and she’s looking for people to join her. She will be encouraging people to download the Refill App as well as speaking to businesses about signing up to be a Refill station.

There’s now a refill fountain at Hammersmith Station and soon a historic one on King Street will be restored, according to the Hammersmith Society
So what about a fountain on Askew Road? Where would you put it?

Should we join Hammersmith and Fulham Council in campaigning for changes in the way our local waste authority works? Recycling bags from Hammersmith were among sacks from several councils Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall found in a Malaysian dump in his BBC investigation. And the council is not happy about it, see

Targeting Tesco, Amazon and others
It’s not our small shopkeepers but the supermarkets and the online suppliers who churn out the most plastic, for example, Amazon and its new non-recyclable Prime packaging
Who would join in a letter writing campaign?

And finally a reminder that the Hammersmith and Fulham branch of Extinction Rebellion meets every Tuesday evening at the Duchess W6, check their Facebook page

XR Hammersmith & Fulham Weekly Meeting

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