Glenda ShawleyGlenda Shawley of The Training Pack has been helping people to start and grow their businesses for almost 21 years. She started her own business after being made redundant by Marks and Spencer when her first child was a month old. She sees that as a very positive and liberating experience. Glenda had had a varied, interesting and challenging career with M&S and acknowledges that she may never have had the guts to leave if a voluntary redundancy package hadn’t been put on the table. Glenda now helps owners of small businesses to develop and implement their marketing plans. Her clients range from restaurants to builders, from beauty products to web designers and from brand new start-ups to businesses that have been established for 20 years or more.

We had an excellent turnout of around 30 people and talk was interesting and stimulation. As always Glenda manages to hold the audience and give important, relevant information.

One response to “ABN June Event : Five classic marketing mistakes to avoid”

  1. Any chance of a repeat event?

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