You’ll probably have seen the flyer from First Base, the 282-292 developers, inviting you to come and scrutinise the latest stage of the designs for the site. There’s a community drop-in session next Thursday 17th January from 3pm – 8pm at the Askew Road Church, W12 9RN, where we held our AGM. The architects PTea will be there too.

Please do pop round,  have a good look, ask lots of questions and be sure to tell the developers and architects what you think.
It's important as they want to move on to preparing their planning application quickly so this is a good opportunity to spot things oyu donlt like and say what you do. We’ll try and make sure ARA committee members are also around most of the afternoon and evening or let us know what you think through Hotmail.

And they are listening:  Ashchurch Grove residents living closest to the site met the developers last week and gave them good feedback about the important trees in that corner and window design.

Ashchurch Residents Association

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